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No matter which part of the world you are, there are regulations regarding building a foundation for the house. Your spend most of your life indoors under a roof. A foundation keeps a building, house or any public and private property safe at all times. Without a proper foundation the complete structure of a building would simply collapse. The taller and heavier the building becomes the deeper and stronger the foundation needs to be. Concrete foundation came in popularity during World War 2 and now is the most common and the only way a foundation are made for big buildings.

There Are Two Basic Types of Foundation

Shallow Foundation

Shallow foundation are used for small scale 1 to 5 storied building and residential houses. There are sub-types of shallow foundation which includes Isolated Spread footing made by successive columns made of concrete. Wall footing is made of wall of concrete slab or strip of it. Combined footing, as the name suggests is a mixture of the two types. Raft Foundation is used for soil where bearing of the soil is poor. It consists of T-beam slabs on the entire area.

Deep Foundation

This type of foundation is used for large scale residential buildings and commercial buildings. The sub-types include Pile Foundation are dug deeper into the soil. It is also used when the upper layer of soil has low bearing capacity. Pier foundation is done by digging piles through the surface to without the footing. It is usually done on mushy land or land that is resistant to digging.

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Importance Of Concrete Foundation

Concrete Foundation Takes The Weight Of The Whole House

The weight of the whole house is on the foundation. Concrete foundation are stiff and strong. Thye do not cave, break or mode down with pressure, If the houses were made on soft ground with bad foundation the building will simply bend to a side or crack due to uneven distribution of weight. Concrete foundation makes use that the complete structure of the building stays unmoving and in its place.

Concrete Foundation Saves You From Natural Calamity

In old times foundation were often made with timbre but they were as effective to save a house from natural calamity. Equalrthquakes, floors, high power wind do a number on high rise building. If they stay stiff in a place there is a high chance that they will crack or simply collapse. Concrete foundation gives some slack of movement to the structure, it provides balance and added structural integrity to the concrete foundation.

Concrete Foundation Keeps The Moisture From Rising

The moisture from the soil underneath can rise up the surface of the wall and floor and damage the building and furniture inside. A concrete foundation helps to keep a building moisture resistant. Proper drainage during foundation makes sure to make channel for groundwater to find its way to the other part of the soil away from the building.

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