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Your Solution To Decorative Concrete Flatwork

Flatwork is one of the oldest and best methods of decorating outdoor surfaces for commercial and residential property. There are several types of decorative concrete work available in market to make good looking concrete surfaces that looks way for expensive and elegant than they are. A decorative concrete flatwork makes your outdoor area inviting and luxurious. It makes the space look bigger and cleaner as well.

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Decorative Concrete Flatwork We Provide

Colored Concrete Flatwork

Cast-on Color- In this type of colored concrete flatwork the surface is treated with a base color to give it a unique design. It is used when the surface needs varying levels of color density or different color treatments on the concrete surface.

Integral color concrete - In this type of concrete decoration the concrete mixture is a mixture with a color in whole before it is poured on the surface. This gives a uniform color to the whole surface, that does not fade away with time.

Stamped Concrete Flatwork

Stamped concrete flatwork makes the concrete surface look sophisticated. It gives a stone pathway appearance which is loved my many homeowner and makes a commercial property look fancier. The process of making stamped concrete flatwork starts like any concrete with a gravel surface and then pouring concrete mixture on top. The patterns are stamped on top of the concrete surface to give it that elegancy.

Stained Concrete Flatwork

If you want to give that oomph to your boring looking concrete patios or walkways, stained concrete is the best option. Staining concrete provides a wide variety of decorative designs on the surface. The staining is often accompanied with other decorative methods to make it look even better.

Rock Salt Concrete Flatwork

Many people like the locks of rock salt finish for their Patios. The unique design gives the surface a different dimension. It is a nice change from boring looking single colored concrete floors. The process is a step over simple concrete floors installation, rock salt particles needs to properly pressed over the surface of wet concrete to give that rugged looking pattern.

Hand Troweled Concrete Flatwork

Hand Troweled concrete flatworks have an artist feel to it. With skilled professionals the concrete surface is specially made to catch the eye. A hand troweled concrete is specially used to high quality decorative concrete floors that can either be smooth or with patterns.

Sandblasted Concrete Flatwork

To give your patio, driveway, walkway or any outdoor concrete surface a rugged stone-like or rock-like feel sandblasted Concrete decoration is the best. For commercial and residential outdoor concrete surface weather for patios or in the garden area simple concrete surface reduces the natural beauty of outdoors making it look very mechanical. However, a sandblasted concrete surface has an opposite effect. It makes the surface look more natural and blend with the surroundings.

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