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Elevated Floors are the first choice for many homeowners in Buckeye and we make sure to install the most reliable elevated floor foundation for you. Call now for a free quote on your project!

What We Look At Before The Construction ?

Our engineers are meticulous about the safety and integrity of the foundation of your house. They look at the site condition which include ocak information about slope, floor zones, soil moisture, texture and other things. They also look into design which includes measurements and mathematics behind perfectly elevated floors that have proper weight distribution and stable.

The Construction Procedures

There are a variety of foundation available all depending on the type of soil. The engineer will determine the perfect type of footing for your house to provide it maximum support at the best price. The footing can either be wall in footing as a continuous concrete slab or beams that are built at a distance from one another or piers made of masonry, concrete and wood mixture.

Making Of The Raised Floor
The floor material is meticulously chosen by a skilled professional. The material needs of high grade. The floor structure has to have the right joints, nails placement, adhesive, girders and the subfloor. We also look at load index, size and structure of the whole floor.

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Why Elevated Floor Foundation Are The Best

It Keeps Insulation Better

It is no secret that soil is a good conductor of heat. If your floor is in contact with the soil it will such up heat like a sponge during the winters. You will have to keep your heaters on all the time to keep the floor warm and your house at a comfortable temperature. This increases your electricity bills and you uncomfortable during winters. Elevated floors are the best solution in such cases that is the reason why many homeowners prefer it even though its on the more expensive side.

It Keeps From Pest Infestation

Termites, rats, snakes, spiders and scorpions are some of the insects and pests you want to keep out of your home at all times. However, if your house is in contact with the soil underneath the changes of these pests infestation increases. Elevated floors keeps the pests away from your house and keeps you free of headache of annual pest control.

They Keep Moisture Away

Typical foundation will keep the surface of your house always in contact with the ground. This will cause the moisture to rise up the floor and wall. The moisture is a major concern for many homeowners, especially those who live near water bodies. The moisture can ruin the structure of the house and make it vulnerable.

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