Foundations: Slabs, Pier & Beam, Elevated Floors in Buckeye, AZ

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There are very strict laws on how deep, thick and dense the foundation have to be according to the size of the building. Engineering and licensed professionals specially handle the part of assessing the soil and determining all the aspect related to a foundation.

Types Of Foundation We Install

Slab Foundation

Slab foundation or concrete slab foundation are made on soil-base areas. In slab foundation the concrete mixture is poured in the foundation structure left to harden. This is one of the most affordable foundation methods for residential and commercial projects. Slab foundation are pretty sturdy and provide a strong base to a house, the process is simple and does not need a lot of effort to make. We build slab foundations at an affordable cost with efficiency and knowledge. We understand how important your houses are to you and we work keeping the safety in mind.

Pier And Beam

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Importance Of Properly Installed Foundation


A strong foundation keeps the inhabitants safe from natural calamities. Earthquakes are a major threat to buildings, if the founder is not strong enough the the who building or house will crumble down by a small shake.Floods and cyclones can also affect the building if not build on a strong foundation.

Support And Stability

The foundation supports the whole load of the building, weather it's a high rise building or a residential building. A strong building foundation keeps in supported and stable.

Need To Read It

The foundation needs proper drainage to keep the foundation from becoming soft from seeping water. A good foundation needs to be as water resistant as possible.

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