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Parking lots are one of the major requirements of any commercial or residential area. Parking lots needs to be done with precision and efficiency, so call Buckeye Concrete Pro for a free quote today!

Parking lots needs to be done with precision and efficiency. Our company specializes in paving parking lots for small and large parking lots. Weather its a corporate office, supermarket, university or any other area we pave parking lots for all. We do our work with quick with efficiency, so you can start using the parking lot as soon as possible.

Importance Of A Good Quality Parking Lot

Parking can be considered a first point of contact for any property when a guest visits. If it has potholes, unclean or unevenly paved it leaves a bad impression on the visitors. You would want your parking lot to be in its best condition to keep your visitors and your employees happy. If you don’t have properly paved parking lot, it causes uneven parking. Even if you have a lot of space for parking without a properly paved parking, the space is not utilized properly. Your visitors are bound to park far from property due to the lack of parking space or bad space for parking.

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Fully Functional And Beautiful Looking Parking Lots

Putting Down A Good Base For Parking Lot

Every good parking lot needs a good base to avoid potholes and other problems that may arise with time on the pavement. Typically, parking lot asphalt or concrete base is made with gravel. We put a strong base by compressing gravel under the concrete overcoat. A properly installed base helps to keep the parking lot good for many years without needing repairs even under heavy traffic.

Making Functional Drainage System

You wouldn’t want water logging in your parking lot during those rainy season. Poor drainage can not only cause water logging but all other sorts of problems. It can cause early cracks and damage of your parking lot. The hundreds of dollars of paving wouldn’t stay good even for a year with the drainage system is not good. We make proper drainage system so the water has a way to escape keeping your parking lot in its top form.

Smoothing Out The Concrete

We use proper methods and equipment for best parking lots. Every parking space has its own need. A small more compacted area of the parking lot wouldn't for heavy machinery to smooth out the concrete paved floor. In such a place we make sure to manually smooth out the concrete. For large spaces we have special machinery, vehicles and equipment to do the work quickly and with efficiency.

What We Do ?

We pave new parking lots for commercial and residential properties.

We are a licensed contractors with years of experience in paving parking lots.

We specialise in constructing functional and good looking parking lots of small or large scale.

We provide affordable paving services for parking lot.

We pave existing parking lots that need repaving for proper working.

We provide free estimates before the service.

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