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There are three reasons why people want to sandblast their concrete surface. The first reason is to clean the surface, old concrete surface takes up dirt, grime, moss development and get dirty in general. The second reason why people want to sandblas treatment on concrete surface is to give a unique decorative design to the surface. The third reason is to repair bad concrete work or damaged concrete in an affordable way.

What Is Sandblasting ?

It is method in high an equipment that throws out small granules of sand at high speed on the concrete surface making small abrasions on the surface and giving it a rough texture. It is often used in patio, floors, driveways, walls, etc. It can give the concrete surface an even texture abrasive texture, very good for non-slip surface even during slow or rain. The texture is also great to give concrete a rock-like look that many people like. Sandblasting can be considered one of the most affordable decorative concrete types.

What Is Sealcoating ?

Sealcoating makes a concrete surface more durable and keeps it from damaging. A seal coat after sandblasting will keep the surface from getting damage from foot traffic, give out concrete dust and become coarse. The sealcoating seals the texture and gives it more of a decorative feel to it.

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Procedure Of Sandblasting Concrete

Sandblasting is a highly abrasive technique and should only be done by the right gear and knowledge. Out workers are trained to perform sandblasting on concrete surface without damage any other part of your property. All the safety measures, clothes and gears needs to keep on point while the sandblasting is going on. To install certain design senticles are used on the surface then the surface is sandblasted. The materials used for sandblasting are usually sand, silica, steel grit, glass bead, bristle. The size of the particle determines the depth of the groves made due to the blasters. Everything needs to meticulously chosen to give your concrete surface the best possible design.

Procedure Of Applying Sealant

The sand blasting method is often used with other types of decorative concrete method such a concrete staining but mostly with concrete sealing. The first step of sealing concrete surface is to clean the surface thoroughly. Make the right proportion mixture of sealing material. Apply two or multiple layers of sealant waiting for it to dry after each application.

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