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Sealcoating repair damages, wear and tear and it also protects future damages to occur. Many commercial and residential property owners prefer to seal coat that Asphalt paving to give extra life and make it stay strong in the harsh weather.

Seal coating Repairs

When damaged asphalt surface is left out they become bigger and cause further damage. They not only make the paved surface look bad, it also dangerous for cars and walking people. We also provide small level repairs as an affordable maintenance and repair solution for asphalt pavement. Weather it’s parking lots, pavements, driveways or any other asphalt surface we provide full-repairs solution for all types of damages.

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Steps Involved In Sealcoating


The first process in seal coating an asphalt surface is to repair any damaged areas. Seal coating is mostly done on surface that is already paved. We will patch potholes, seal cracks with specific tar mixture.


The asphalt mixture along with water is applied over the road surface. It is either done manually or in most cases by pouring trucks or millers. The water will soon evaporate due to the heat.


The second layer comes in the form of gravel. This gravel is small stones and sand that is spread and compacted over the asphalt surface.


The next process required heavyweight rollers to firmly compact all the gravel to the asphalt surface. It is done in multiple sweepings of the roller on top of the gravel.


The asphalt surface is then left to cure for two days. You can walk and drive on this road at a slow speed. The water that was mixed with the asphalt initially will slowly evaporate completely, leaving behind a strong and durable asphalt surface.


The next task left is to remove all the loose gravel and smooth out the surface. The cured and processed asphalt surface will look as good as new.

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Our sealing services in Buckeye are one of the best asphalt contractor providing all-round services for asphalt surfaces for commercial and residential properties.

We specialise in driveway, walkway and parking lot sealcoating, crack filling, asphalt patching and line striping.

We use the highest quality material with workers that are well-experienced and knowledgeable in everything asphalt.

We work in a timely manner. Our job are cost effective. We work in a schedule that suits you the best.

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